9 Tips for Getting Back on Track When You’ve Been Derailed

back on trackWe all get a little off course sometimes. I often have days, even weeks, where I feel totally off kilter. The important thing is to know that it is only temporary. This too shall pass. Life is not about being on an even keel all the time. Life brings ups and it brings downs. > Click to Tweet! We navigate the universal flow of life and try to find balance in the highs and lows. Self-awareness is vital to navigating through life. When you know your own body, mind & spirit, the journey becomes less turbulent and more pleasurable. Get to know yourself – the real self. Awareness of our selves enables us to be pro-active and therefore more in control of our life. > Tweetable! When you become aware of the self you can adapt to change more easily. You can steer yourself back on course. Self awareness is the first step in creating what you want and mastering you.


So maybe you’ve felt a bit off lately. Here are 9 simple tips for getting back on track:

  1. De-clutter – remove the excess from around you. Clutter not only clogs up your house, your car or your office; it also clogs up your mind and your energy field. Do a spring clean and throw away/recycle/upcycle anything that you no longer use, or no longer love. Even the things that are stored behind closed doors can mess with your unconscious, so clear it out. Make space for new fresh energy to come in. You’ll feel amazing, your house will look great and you’re saying to the Universe ‘Bring me some nice new energy to replace this old stuff.’
  2. Journal – write your thoughts down on paper or on the computer. This will help de-clutter your thoughts. When I journal I get a great sense of peace from offloading my problems onto the page and clearing my head. Plus I get inspiration for my blogs and my book.
  3. Meditate – So you’ve de-cluttered the physical space and the mental space and now it’s time to de-clutter the spirit and energy field with some meditation. When I meditate I let go of so much. It releases anxiety and brings in a sense of tranquillity and stillness. I feel more focused and creative.
  4. Create a timetable – so this may not work for everyone but I’m putting it in here because a lot of my clients find this useful. If you are somebody who needs structure or order in your life then creating a timetable is very helpful. Some of my self-employed clients have said that having a timetable has given them so much freedom. Your timetable factors in work, family time, cooking, exercise/training, shopping, social time, meditation and relaxation time. Give yourself permission to relax – really relax!
  5. Take action – So now that you’ve cleared out the clutter and created that timetable to organise your day; it is time to take action. Put those plans in place. Stop talking about it and go do it!
  6. Self-Expression & Creativity – Everyone needs an outlet for creativity. You don’t have to be a great artist or poet but you do need to let that child that is within you have some fun. Find some hobby that allows you to express who you are. It may be gardening or dance or painting or sewing. Find something you love to do and go do it. Your soul will thank you for it. Life isn’t meant to be so serious all the time. We are here to enjoy ourselves and to have fun.
  7. Move your body – When we feel stuck in any area of our life it is a good idea to try get one part moving so the first thing to do is get your body moving. Whether you like walking, swimming or jumping on a trampoline, it is time to get active. Try doing some outdoor activities to get fresh air too. You’ll feel so much better for it.
  8. Talk to someone – If you’re not feeling great then don’t keep it to yourself. Find a trusted friend, family member or ask for help from a professional body like Aware or your local Family Centre. There is always someone you can talk to. Bottling up your feelings doesn’t get you anywhere. Talk about it.
  9. Time out – Sometimes you won’t feel like meditating or journaling or doing anything. Sometimes you might feel like hiding under the duvet for the day and ya know what – that’s okay. It’s okay to have off-days or even off-weeks. When you really don’t feel up to it, you might just be getting a message from your body to slow down. Be sure to listen when you get that message. We all need time out and space to retreat away from the world.

The power is within you to change your life. You have access to that power. It’s just about finding where the switch is and switching it on. – Tweet this!


If you need help getting your life back on track Sinéad works with her clients to overcome the fears, frustrations and limitations that are holding them back. To contact Sinéad to enquire about her coaching & healing services click here.




  1. Catherine Lavery O Brien

    Im delighted you enjoyed your trip to Northern Ireland, its refreshing to get away and clear the body mind and soul
    enjoyed your 9 tips on getting back on track, after being derailed.

    De-cluttering home and mind is the top tip I always find most effective.
    Then writing down a pre -weekly plan and taking action.

    Enjoy your mid summer celebrations.
    Blessings and light,

    4 years ago

  2. Sinéad

    Thanks Catherine, it was a fantastic trip and so refreshing. Big de-cluttering and planning happening this week! Blessings for the summer solstice. Sinead

    4 years ago


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