New Kids on the Block: Children with Intuitive Gifts

World of ‘Make Believe’

I grew up for most of my life feeling a bit ‘different’ from my peers. I was highly sensitive to other people and to places. As a small child I had many experiences seeing and sensing what I now know as Angels and spirits. At the time I didn’t know it was unusual to be able to see and communicate with these beings. I played in the garden with my ‘friends’ and it seemed normal to me.

Over time of course I discovered that not everyone was having the same experiences as me and none of my friends knew what I was talking about. So quickly I learned to keep it to myself, only telling my parents. I could see many colours and lights around people which I now know was their aura or energy field. I was quite an independent child and liked to do my own thing. I found it difficult to fit in at school and often became frustrated with the school system. I loved art and the world of ‘make believe’ and would spend hours upon hours painting or playing with my ‘My Little Ponies’. Dolls were of no interest to me, I wanted to be in a magical world and that’s what I got from my ‘My Little Ponies’!

Who are the Indigo & Crystal Children?

It was only when I became a teenager that I was told that I was an Indigo. I hadn’t heard the term before so I looked into it and it described me so well. The terms Indigo and Crystal Child have been widely used to describe children who are believed to hold special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The term was coined by Nancy Ann Tappe. These children were found to have mainly indigo coloured auras hence the term Indigo child.

Many of the Indigo children have now grown up to be adults and are paving the way for the Crystal children. These children are highly aware, extremely sensitive and often come out with the most profound statements. Indigo children have problems going along with meaningless systems and work to break them down. Both Indigo and Crystal Children have a strong intuition and deep spiritual connection. I grew up with a feeling of not being “from here” which is a typical of an Indigo.

Other Indigo characteristics include:

  • Impatience and frustration with the world – some Indigo children have a short attention span and can often be misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD
  • Intense emotions and sensitivity
  • Feeling a great sense of purpose in life – like they are here to do something big
  • Indigo children often don’t do well at school, despite their characteristic giftedness. They just don’t fit into the system
  • Indigo children prefer deep interactions and one to one relationships


Using these gifts

In one way being an Indigo hasn’t been easy, but it also a tremendous gift in another. I found it quite hard to cope with the sensitivities and psychic abilities as a young teenager. A lot of the time I just wanted to fade into the background. I was bullied in school and often wondered if anyone else out there was like me.

I didn’t realise there were thousands just like me. I became quite depressed and found life quite a struggle. At 13 my mum began bringing me for Reiki. It was the best thing that she ever could have done and I am so grateful to have such an understanding mother. She couldn’t see all the things that I could see but she believed me and she believed in me. My mum always had an interest in spirituality and healing – my abilities just increased that interest.

At aged 15 I studied Reiki 1 alongside my mum and at aged 17 I became a Reiki Master. It is one of my proudest achievements. I learned how to cope with my heightened senses and my intuitive and psychic abilities. I found a group of people who understood me and accepted me. I also discovered my soul purpose and now I get to work alongside my mum which is great!

Working with Indigo & Crystal Children

In the past number of years I have begun working with other Indigo children, adults and Crystal children doing Reiki and other forms of healing. Crystal children have similar abilities to Indigos but have a much calmer, peaceful aura about them. While the Indigos are the system busters, the Crystal children are the peacemakers. They are quite sensitive souls and pick up on atmospheres and energies very easily. They, like the Indigo children, can detect when they are being lied to, patronised or manipulated!

Some Characteristics of Crystal Children:

  • Can sense and see peoples’ auras.
  • They can seem to live in another world and be quite disconnected from other people.
  • They show a keen interest in crystals & rocks and often discuss angels, spirit guides & past-life memories.
  • Show healing abilities
  • Are musically or artistically oriented and creative
  • Even-tempered & forgiving of others
  • Many of the Crystal children that I have worked with have the most beautiful big eyes with an extremely intense stare.

The mission of Indigo & Crystal Children

The Indigo and Crystal children are here to teach us the ways of love. They are pushing us to wake up to what we are doing to ourselves and to the planet. They are here to share their vision of what is to come in the future. Our world is going through a tremendous shift and we are heading into a new era, a new level of consciousness as a human species: The Age of Aquarius.

The Indigo and Crystal children are here to teach and guide us into this new level. They are visionaries and we must embrace their new way of thinking and connecting with people and the universe. They do not see limits rather they see the limitless possibilities in their journey here on earth.

If you are an Indigo or a parent of an Indigo or Crystal child we would love to hear from you as we are currently conducting further research in the hopes of setting up a network of support for parents and children. Please leave a comment below or email us through our contact page or at info [AT] spiritwise [D0T] ie


Recommended reading:

 The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober

 The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue

Stress Free Kids

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    These children are the answers to our prayers. The Rainbow Children are now being born as the Crystal Children become adults. And these are a few adult Crystal Children that are in their 20s now. Rainbow Children are coming about because the full spectrum of light that we need to assimilate serotonin in our body has been reduced. In other words, when we go out on a clear day with no smog and we’re out in the sunshine, we’re receiving in our body a “rainbow” through the sun waves. And that’s the way that we were created—to need rainbow energy. As a team, we Earth angels, Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and whatever generations that God/Goddess has in store for us after that, are all here working together. We’re all here for peace. And we can do it!

    7 years ago


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