Tales of Everyday Magic: My Greatest Teacher (Movie Review)

When there is no way out, there is a way through.  All of the answers are waiting for you here now. Now never ends. That is the message of this film, starring Patrick Fabian, which is based on the true life story of best-selling author Wayne Dyer. My Greatest Teacher is a compelling drama that explores the transformational power of forgiveness.

Dr. Ryan Kilgore is a college professor struggling to take his career to his desired level of success, while battling the very demons that are keeping him from achieving it. Kilgore is tormented by the memories of his father’s abandonment, yet his wife and child are the ones who pay the price. Upon losing his grandmother, Kilgore desperately seeks the closure that he needed so long ago as he puts his future in jeopardy for a journey into the past. Through a series of mysterious and serendipitous events, a path opens that leads Kilgore to his father -and to making the choice to rebuild everything he has destroyed as a result of what had been destroying him.

As parents we do the best we can, as did our parents.  Holding on to anger only fills us with resentment and is a destructive force in our lives causing us to repeat the ills of the past.  Releasing anger through forgiveness creates positive energies which attract positive opportunities.

While the movie tells a specific story of a father and son; it has a broader message that can be applied to all hurts. When we hold on to our anger we continue to inflict hurts on ourselves and those who are close to us.  The most powerful message of the film is one of hope, one of power of forgiveness, that people or events that are devastating at the time are our greatest teachers. Forgiveness can be a challenging concept for many of us; but if we realise that we are the ones who get hurt by not releasing this toxic energy, we may be more willing to let go.

‘Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.’ Buddha

The important thing for us to remember is that forgiveness is a process. It can take time to heal, but the rewards are a thousand fold. Forgiveness releases hurt and heals emotional pain. It removes toxic emotions and cleanses our heart and frees our soul. My Greatest Teacher is a movie that uplifts the heart and inspires the soul. We can all relate to it in some way and we all have something to learn from this story.


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