Self-Care for the Sensitive Soul:

The stresses of the world can take their toll on our body, mind and on our spirit. In this workshop we will discuss the importance of self-care from an energetic & spiritual point of view. Our environment, our busy lives and our relationships all have an effect on our energy and our spirit. We will look at practical ways of protecting your energy, clearing away negative energies and grounding yourself.


Holistic Self-Care Plan
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This workshop covers:

  • Energy hygiene – clearing your aura, shielding and grounding
  • Cutting energy ties
  • Tapping into our intuition
  • What is an ‘Empath’ and am I one? – understanding sensitivities
  • Connecting with heart energy
  • Healing guided meditations
  • Connecting with your Higher Self
  • Awareness & Mindful Thinking

It’s time to take care of you.

Next workshop:

March 22nd 10.30 – 3.30
Investment: €65

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