Sinead & pauline white colour - CopyThe Story of SpiritWise

SpiritWise was originally founded in 2009 by Sinéad & Pauline McDermott. It has always been a dream of ours to set up an organisation which promotes spiritual healing and awakening & development of consciousness.  Over the years we have attended hundreds of healing workshops, courses and conferences. Both of us have trained in various types of energy healing, and in 2009 after attending an ‘I Can Do It’ conference we decided that we can do it! By late 2009 we began turning our dream into a reality. Sinéad works as an intuitive, life coach & spiritual healer with clients both in person in Mayo and all over the globe via Skype. Pauline is an author, researcher & facilitator and collaborates with Sinéad on all of our workshops and courses.


Our Vision & Mission

It is our vision to show people that they have the tools and the ability within themselves to create the life they truly want to live and to realise their full potential. The mission of SpiritWise is to provide services that support our clients in enhancing their physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health & wellness. We are passionate about holistic healing, transformation & personal growth.

Many people are suffering with physical, emotional & mental pain in their lives. They are experiencing fear, anxiety & frustration. I help my clients to move out of that space of pain and into a space of love, joy and inner peace. I help people to reconnect with their sense of Self; that is their real self – the spiritual Self. It is a process of reclaiming the Self in order to create a more conscious and purposeful life. To live our lives with purpose is to live our lives in peace. ~ Sinéad Ailill


Sinead Sinéad Ailill McDermott

I practice Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Angel Guidance & Healing as well as Transformational Coaching. I am an intuitive healer and have been practicing Reiki and other forms of healing for over  16 years. My interest in Holistic Therapies began as a young teenager. I began studying Reiki at 15 and gained my Reiki Master certificate in 1999 and Angel Guidance certificate in 2009. I have studied with Master Healer Deborah King and completed my 21st Century Energy Medicine Programme in 2010. I have also trained in Adult & Community Education and teach workshops in Self-Development & Energy Healing. I am a qualified Life Coach and have a particular interest in helping people to empower themselves and heal and transform their lives. I use my empathic and intuitive skills in my life coaching sessions to help clients to gain clarity, confidence and courage to pursue their life’s work and mission. I help my clients to discover their authentic self; to live the lives they have always wanted to live.

As a small child I could see people’s auras (the energy around their body) and I could see angels. To find out more about my experiences read ‘Guided by Angels’ here. Check out this interview I did with Denis Vaughan on his ‘Your Interview’ website.

I have a particular interest in helping people to awaken to their true soul purpose, and to live the life they truly want & desire. I provide my clients with the tools for living a more empowering & positive life. My aim is to empower and uplift peoples’ lives through our one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

Listen to a recent interview with Sinead on CRC FM here

Pauline McDermott

74119_127875067381216_1938921249_nI have been studying & practising alternative and complementary healing, therapies and different ‘ways of knowing’ for twenty years.  My background is in Adult Education. I am a consultant facilitator at regional, national and international training events and conferences. I am also a Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Master and have trained in Pranic Healing with the modern founder and proponent of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui.

My interest in healing developed as a result of a lifelong passion for reading particularly in the area of the ‘new sciences’, the connections between science and spirituality and how developments in physics are supporting the idea that we are living in a cosmically ordered universe; cosmic consciousness; how our beliefs influence our lives and shape our reality. Coming from a logical background where ‘I believe what I see’, my vision has been transformed by living with my daughter, Sinéad, who introduced me to the wonders of the world ‘beyond’.  We would like to share these magical and powerful experiences with you.

With the understanding that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, we have access to much more knowledge than we are aware of on a conscious level. We can access this knowledge by becoming pro-active through self-reflection, deep listening and meditation. On the physical plane we have access to knowledge; on the spiritual plane we have access to wisdom. ~ Pauline McDermott

Please visit Pauline’s website for more information on her new book – Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness.