Having recently finished reading Joseph Clough’s book ‘Be Your Potential: Ask Believe Receive’ I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Joseph for our blog. Joseph Clough is an international Trainer, Therapist and Hay House Author whose goal in life is to help each person achieve their full potential. He combines advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnotherapy. Joseph’s book, CDs and podcasts offer great tools for transformation, empowerment and positive change.


Good afternoon Joseph, many thanks for joining us here on our blog at SpiritWise. We are very grateful that you have taken the time to talk to us. You have become a very successful speaker, author and trainer at a very young age – for the benefit of our readers, can you tell us a bit about your background? How and when did your interest in Hypnotherapy, Personal Development & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) begin?


Thank you for having me today, I think it’s important to explain my past before getting into the personal development career I have created. I was an incredibly shy and unconfident as a child and teenager that lead to an extreme case of blushing for the first 18 years of my life. I struggled in school in both self esteem and academically, and actually dropped out of college. It all came to a head when I felt so depressed and that there was no where to turn and I knew something had to change, and that I was the only person who could be that change. So I went on a mission to learn as much as I could about the mind so I could change mine to be free of the low self esteem. I quickly discovered that I could be the change and let go of my emotional baggage and hang ups. At 18 years old, I learnt how to help people using Hypnosis and NLP etc and was seeing clients for a wide range of issues and have been doing so for the last 11 years whilst creating over 50 hours of free self development audio on my podcast and free apps which has been downloaded over 800,000 times. It’s been quite the journey, but one that I can be grateful for, I have gratitude for my past issues as its lead me to learn about myself, be truly happy and help many people beyond what I thought was possible. These days my time is spent creating free audio and running seminars around the world.


In the book you talk about keeping our minds congruent and aligned with what we want – can you talk a bit more about this; for you what does it mean to be congruent?


Sure, to be congruent and aligned in what we want is very very important. You see, we can say we want a better/improved relationship, financial abundance, perfect health or career progression, but if we are not aligned or congruent consciously and unconsciously we are sending mixed messages to ourself and the world around us and that can lead to self sabotage and even attract more negative things in our life. Usually we can say what we want to ourselves and others, but usually the tendency is to focus on what we don’t want ‘I don’t want to be more in debt’, ‘I don’t want another bad relationship’. But that focus of the ‘lack’ or scarcity creates more doubt and lack in results. To be truly aligned we must be focusing on the positive. Imagine a Satellite Navigation System, the first thing you do is to put in your destination, not all the places you do not want to visit, but the actual destination. In our mind we can focus on the places we do not want in our life which expands that negative energy and our mind finds the quickest route to it. We must be like the Satellite Navigation and put our attention on the positive destination/desire that creates inner and outer alignment and congruency to manifest our desires.


You say that in order to make changes and be powerful, we must assume responsibility for our own lives – can you elaborate on this?


This to me is so powerful, it might push up against people’s values and press peoples buttons but to me it’s vital for change. Many people can live as if there are just a product of life, or that it’s someone else’s fault as to why they are like they are. I would never suggest we consciously decide our circumstance, but at the end of the day we are here where we are by the decisions we have made consciously and unconsciously, we make them for the best of intentions. Usually though we can blame or have excuses as to why we are like we are. But I suggest something else, rather pushing your problems outside of your control (like being at ‘effect of our life or circumstance’), you now begin to own them; you take responsibility to start making important changes in your life. This in turn starts to create new empowering beliefs and thoughts knowing you have the ability to change your life I you desire.

What a buzz that would be. It would mean you can begin to own and create life-changing effects to have a perfect life, relationship, job, money and health.

Remember you are not just a product of life; life is just the product of you.


Can you tell us a little bit how hypnotherapy, how the unconscious mind works, and how can hypnotherapy help free us of negative beliefs and limitations?


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in making quick, effective and long lasting change. If someone had an issue and they could consciously change, like flicking the switch, then they would. But if they cannot, then to me it must mean the unconscious mind runs the issue, if we start to experience or behave a certain way for a prolonged amount of time it becomes an unconscious habit that is incredibly hard to change consciously. Our unconscious mind runs habits, beliefs, values and even holds our memories. So Hypnosis is a way that we can get in direct contact with the unconscious mind, to educate, resolve and dissolve issues whilst creating and discovering new beliefs, resources and ways of acting and reacting. To me it’s the quickest way of changing; it creates the inner alignment of both mind and body in how you desire to be.


As a life coach and trainer I work many people who don’t think they are worthy or deserving of the good job; the loving relationship; or even happiness – can you offer some advice for people who feel like this?


To me it starts with first taking ownership of our situation, we may not be able to change the past, but we can change the present by taking responsibility. As we do this, it’s then key to allow our attention focus on our inner world. Usually that attention can be on our unworthiness, but we must put our attention on our qualities. We all have them. Consider them, take time out and truly discover your inner qualities, when we do this we are asking our mind to change the direction of thoughts and also expand and look for more of the wonderful qualities we have.


Finally, can you leave our readers with a couple of short tips on how they can really begin to live the lives they want to live and be their potential? Is there anything specific you would advise people to do?


I love rehearsing my future, I know if I go there in my mind it will manifest in my reality. I go on the inside and see myself exactly how I wish to be, how I want to act and feel, what I want to achieve. By doing so we are educating our mind with a new strategy, we are directing it and that creates new exciting habits in being our potential. Also we must put our attention on our desires (like the SatNav analogy) and take massive inspired action in creating and achieving our desires. At the end of the day, we are worthy, capable and have everything we need to live a life of happiness. It all starts with us and is maintained by us. That is a powerful way of being and living.


To find out more about Joseph’s podcasts, Hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads visit Joseph’s website



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